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Discover the Delightful C2 Grilled Shrimp Rice Dish

The star of this dish is the succulent grilled shrimp. The shrimp is expertly prepared, cooked to perfection, and infused with delicious smoky flavors. Every bite offers a burst of juiciness that will leave you craving for more.

Fragrant Jasmine Steamed Rice

To complement the grilled shrimp, the dish is served with fragrant Jasmine steamed rice. The fluffy texture and subtle aroma of the rice perfectly enhance the flavors of the shrimp and other ingredients.

Fresh and Vibrant Accompaniments

Alongside the grilled shrimp and Jasmine steamed rice, the dish is accompanied by a refreshing cucumber and tomato salad. This vibrant side brings a cool and crisp element to the meal. Additionally, a papaya and carrot pickle adds a touch of tanginess and sweetness, elevating the overall flavor profile.

House Special Sauce

The C2 Grilled Shrimp Rice Dish wouldn't be complete without the house special sauce. This unique sauce enhances the flavors of the shrimp and rice, adding a savory and slightly spicy kick to each bite. The combination of shrimp, rice, and the sauce creates a truly memorable culinary experience.

Cuisine Included Food Tags

This delectable dish is classified under various food tags, including Asian cuisine, seafood, rice dishes, and fusion cuisine. Whether you are a seafood lover or simply enjoy exploring new culinary delights, the C2 Grilled Shrimp Rice Dish is sure to satisfy your cravings.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to savor the deliciousness of the C2 Grilled Shrimp Rice Dish. With its succulent grilled shrimp, fragrant Jasmine steamed rice, fresh accompaniments, and flavorful house special sauce, this dish offers a delightful culinary experience. Head over to C2 and treat yourself to this fusion masterpiece today.

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